Comprehensive Assessments

Holmes Therapy will undertake thorough assessments to determine your baseline and support setting achievable goals. The assessments selected will be relevant to the client and their diagnosis. We use both standardised objective outcome measures, allowing comparison to population norms as well functional and observational evaluations.

Comprehensive assessments are important as they can provide evidence that there is a significant delay or that a client’s function is impaired. In addition, thorough pre and post assessments, will indicate an improvement in function and progression towards achieving their goals.

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Evidence Based Intervention

Research-driven Intervention that is targeted to you and your needs.

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Family Structured Support

Coaching parents and care givers to give them the skills to support their child.

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A low impact form of exercise which can improve strength and function.

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Assistive Technology Prescription

The correct prescription of a walking aid or other devices can have a significant impact on someone’s life.

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