Stroke Physiotherapy

At Holmes Therapy, we can provide physiotherapy for stroke patients at home. Sally, our director, has extensive experience working with adults who have suffered from a stroke, we can provide stroke rehabilitation physiotherapy in your own environment. Sally has extensive experience providing physiotherapy for stroke patients in both acute hospital and community settings.  Sally is passionate about providing stroke rehabilitation physiotherapy for NDIS participants

Stroke Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Can include: 

  • Walking/ treadmill training  
  • Balance work
  • Hydrotherapy 
  • Strength training
  • Prescription of orthotics and splints
  • Botox Management 
  • Electrical Stimulation 
  • Pacing and activity management
  • 24 hour positioning plans to prevent contractures
  • Equipment prescription i.e. wheelchairs and transfer devices
physiotherapy for stroke patients

Physiotherapy for stroke patients at home

There is strong evidence to support continuing your stroke rehabilitation physiotherapy in the community because the goals you set are more tangible and relevant to your life. There is more of a focus on participation, we use your strengths and interests to work towards any relevant goal. This can vary from patient to patient, depending on your age and ability. Physiotherapy for stroke patients can help with improving walking, transfers, running, swimming and general strength and mobility. Anything is possible if the goals set are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) and reviewed with the patient, family and physiotherapist. 

As physiotherapists, we have excellent knowledge of neuroanatomy. Reviewing scans and images of the brain allows us to interpret how particular strokes affect different parts of the brain and the impact this has on the presentation of someone’s impairments and deficits. With this understanding, physiotherapy for stroke patients has a focus on neuroplasticity. Through repetition and task-specific practice, the aim is to improve neural pathways to enhance your recovery. Physiotherapy at home for stroke patients provides a familiar and enriched environment, promoting new neural connections and improvements in function.

Perth physiotherapy for stroke patients

Stroke rehabilitation physiotherapy is always changing as new evidence is published. As a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Sally is committed to providing evidence-based practice. Some of the additional courses that Sally has completed include Introduction to neurology through the National Hospital, London UK and Facilitation techniques of the upper Limb through Neurodirect. 

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